Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sparky in Fayetteville

Here's a pic of Sparky in Fayetteville, Texas.

Texas Vintage Trailer Rally in Fentress, Texas

Finally got to take Sparky camping again.  We really liked the campground and spending time with the Taylors and the Cutbirths.

Friday, April 18, 2014

New chairs and awning!

After the drama surrounding the leak, I had to post something positive.  I painted the two little chairs from Round Top and they turned out pretty cute.  I like the star cutout on the seats.  I got my awning from Kristi and I am excited about seeing what they look like together. 



Here's the before pic of the chairs

Very sad.

There's a leak by the front window.  The finish on the new front panel is toast, and the side panel is stained as well.  I'm beyond disappointed.  Just so sad. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Junking at Round Top

We had a blast last weekend junking at Round Top with the Taylors. 
The bluebonnets were just starting to come out.

Look at all the vintage trailers we saw!


Monday, March 31, 2014

Well, crap.

Got home from the Santo Rally and Marc started to change the wheels out so we could put the trailer in the backyard.  This is what he found:

Now, I don't know anything about axles and all that stuff, but Marc said something called a leaf spring broke and we were lucky we didn't leave most of the trailer on Highway 6.  Not good.  Marc was able to replace the leaf springs with new ones, so we're good to go!


Santo Rally

Here are some pics from the rally in Santo.  I got some new "goodies" for the trailer since the last rally.   I especially like the cool tan and brown enamelware set I got - a coffeepot, two platters, three saucepans and three canisters. 

They're a little hard to see, but I picked up some Davy Crockett juice glasses.  We also put together a cute vintage photo album with a little "Siesta guy" on the cover.  I also got a "Westward Ho"  creamer, sugar and shaker.  Scroll down for a close up of the table.

I got yet another vintage bedspread in Mineral Wells.  I really must break this addiction! I also put two of the crocheted hot pads on the wall.

The apron hanging from the closet has a Conestoga Wagon on it and it reads, "Come and Get It!"

 Finally put on the new tires and painted wheels.  Moons are a little dirty from the trip, though.

Macy made the sign for us.  We love it!

 Here's a close up of the table.

Christy and Leonardo's Mobile Scout, Ethel.  She went into rehab right after the rally.  Can't wait to see what she looks like when she's all done!

One of the cutest little trailers I've ever seen.  It's a Lincoln.  Aren't the flower boxes cute?
 Some other cuties...

 Trailer friends - Sharon and Dennis Cutbirth
 The Pink Ladies and the T-Birds...The Golden Years
 Sharon, Christy and Me