Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feeling blue about my moons...

Well, the moons are nasty.  They started out with a layer of paint (and who know what underneath), and the undersides are gross and rusty. Marc had already tried stripping one of them, but it looked like it might have rust coming up through the back.  I called around to see what it would cost to get them cleaned up and re-chromed, and it was not good.  Since I didn't want to pay $100 a pop ( ! ) I decided to try and rescue them.  I started by trying steel wool on the one Marc already stripped, and it helped only minimally.  The moon looked and felt like it still  had some paint on it, so I put paint stripper on both of them and waited.  After redoing this a few times, they are looking better.  I ran out of stripper, so that's it for tonight.   I'm going to keep trying later on tomorrow and see how it goes.

This is how they looked after Marc stripped one of them a little
And after I worked on them a bit last night...
 Still not pretty, but better.  The one on the bottom still needs several coats of stripper.

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