Saturday, August 3, 2013

New floor and closing up the back

Meanwhile, I tore out the old floor and we put in yellow and white checkerboard tiles.  That floor was NASTY.  Black goo adhesive and probably asbestos to boot.  Yuck. I found that the easiest way to get the black crap off was to wet towels and let it soak for a bit, then scrape.  Then repeat. Again. And again.  Gross.

When we were putting in the floor, we noticed that the closet on the right was crooked - very crooked!  It kind of makes the floor look crooked.  Oh well!

We went ahead and got new skin for the back end.  The old skin was pretty well shot, and when we put the back end back together, it ended up being a little wider ( ! ) than it was before.  The edges of the old skin were bent and torn, so we found a metal guy in Houston who put the crimp pattern in the metal for us. If you're in Houston, go to Arcs and Sparks!  They're awesome.


I just noticed that I'm not in any of the pictures where actual work is being done.  I really did bust my butt on this project!  I stripped all the paint, sanded and re-shellacked the interior, removed the old floor and scrubbed all the black crap off it...I just don't like to be photographed!  Plus, I'm sort of the shutterbug of the family.

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