Saturday, August 3, 2013

Reupholstering the dinette seats

I was not brave enough to try and reupholster the seats myself, so I had it done.  I wanted to save the original vinyl because it had longhorns and cattle brands embossed on it, but I was only able to save some pieces to incorporate into the new seats.  We removed the dinette table to install new laminate.  Marc decided to rebuild the table.  Didn't he do a nice job? We picked a light yellow laminate to go with the floor.  I would have liked boomerang or some really cool retro stuff, but it was expensive.  The yellow laminate we picked has a little "wave" pattern, so that's cool.  While he was at it, he did the kitchen counter as well.  It looks GREAT!

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  1. I am in the process of glamping a 65 Shasta. I want to recover the cushions but am afraid to tackle the job. Who did yours? I am from Texas also. Do you know if there is a Texas glamping group?