Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why Sparky?

I have thought for a long time about what to call my trailer.  I settled on Sparky the Siesta because my maiden name is Sparks and my Sparks ancestors truly were Texas cowboys.  The Sparkses came to Texas right after the Texas Revolution and have been raising hell ever since :)

Here's the real Sparky - my great uncle Leslie "Sparky" Sparks.  Like many of my more recent Sparks ancestors, he worked the early oil fields in Texas.  I even have an ancestor who was at Spindletop! I remember my great uncle Sparky as a kind, gentle soul - a really sweet man.  I wish I could have known him better. 

 Here are some of my other Sparks ancestors.
Edward and Worthy "Word" Sparks

Sparky's grandpa, William Milam Sparks
Cattle driver (and sometime rustler!)

James Christian Sparks and Joseph Madison Sparks

Milam Sparks and boys

Sparky's parents
Arthur Worthy and Maggie Sparks

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